Sketchbook pages

Hello again,
Here I am with some sketchbook pages. The main reason for doing these is to move the pen so needless to say, the amount of effort put into them are not as much as a pencil illustration would have hehe.

Here’s my ideas and doodles.
I hope you enjoy

As always, click to enlarge.


About Björn Hurri

creature/character concept artist and illustrator at Creative Assembly

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  1. fooxoo says:

    Absolutely LOVE all of these! Especially the pan/minotaur/very wise old creature!!! You gotta make something like that for our baby room :P

    You re fantastic, always an inspiration!

    Love and yours,

    Me and bump.

  2. rubbadub says:

    I think the lines here are better then your usual, especially the first 3.
    Sometimes I think you rush your rendering abit, the 3rd one shows of the form beautifully, but the last two feel quite flat. I think you sometimes want to get trough with things too quickly, maybe it’s something else, but it’s the impression I get from the sketches.

  3. Koshime says:

    Love the bottom right carricature…’re still me hero!

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