Po Beep and Gopher


Random character designs.

Po Beep and Gopher

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  1. brun says:

    Sweeeeeeet, great character designs

  2. alex_d says:

    very very nice. i really really like these, and usually i am not to easily convinced with this sort of clean style… so, this is like a double-asspat. love them! :)

  3. I can actually see those in a major 3d feature film one day… hehehe… :)

    Painfuly awesome. you`re truly gifted madam Or.


  4. JosefKn says:

    wow very nice! great characters!!!

  5. Kian says:

    aaah Aviv, your poses and expressions are just excellent.
    Great work

  6. These are great! Really appealing character design and nice colours.

  7. Daniol says:

    yup, very nice :)

  8. Aviv says:

    Thanks guys :)
    It’s really fun to hear.

  9. devin platts says:

    lol that sickle is kind of a zinger :)

  10. bumskee says:

    love them! smooth poses.

  11. Interceptor says:

    Aviv, you’re my hero.

  12. Clo says:

    I want lights in my hair too !

  13. animabase says:

    I love your sweet character design.
    Please keep your style up~~~

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