Old Gnargled Treeman


Here is one of my recent pencil sketches. I haven’t been doing much pencils lately. Which is actually strange because I usually get better results with them :)

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  1. Daniol says:

    Gorgeous pencils and ideas, as always monsieur jens !
    Stay busy !

  2. tim wilson says:

    jens, i have always admired your pencils and creations :)
    but i can tell that those damn scanners east up all the tone and lines @_@ i think once you get a better scanner i will come to envy you with a passion unlike anything else!!! :) seriously you owe yourself a new epson or something of the like!

  3. Jens you got such creative ideas. I really enjoy looking at your sketches. I totally find myself going back to your work and just stareing, there’s just something so strange yet appealing about it. :D

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