Morue !


okay… thought i’d share some stuff…. argh, you guys are awesome ! Keep posting please !

Some color exercices and some research for the dominance war contest.

About Daniol

i like drawing and painting.

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  1. bumskee says:

    crazy.. u are crazy dan…

  2. danomight says:

    dang…so cool, pure inspiraiton

  3. marctaro says:

    you’re really great with the pencil man….only crit I have is that one guys’ shoulder/collar stuff – (second from bottom) – looks a bit weird….but hey, what do I know….

    On the other hand that one with the girl and the rope and the crazy ringmaster guy —- that’s really disturbing…..! Good work!!!

  4. grumbles says:

    i have decided to forego my efforts in helping you find a good illustration academy. for the sake of my own career :) crazy daniel. and there doesnt seem to be a shortage. i truly am in awe and jealous amazement. :)

  5. IdiotApathy says:

    DOOOOOOD. Awesome. Paints are getting better and better.

  6. those pencil = delicious

  7. ho for pete`s sake….. these are fantabulous….!
    crazy ass pencil skills. wish I had me some.

    great sketchwork Bub.


  8. Kian says:

    great work man. love your pencils!

  9. chupacabra says:

    Great work! Is this your username on CA too?
    How come I haven’t seen your stuff there?

  10. nacho says:

    Sick stuff dude, your shit has become scary good! Now put some work into those colors and you’re ready to kick ass..

  11. alex_d says:

    i love those sketches of yours, man. totally dreamy.

  12. Art2 says:

    Your pencils rule!
    What team do you represent in the War? So I know where to look for your stuff :)

  13. Diego says:

    hey dude, your pencils rocks, the designs are looking cooler. The 4 arms guy is really well done.
    You improved a lot your digis. Definitely dude. Serious kudos to you.

  14. redehlert says:

    two words:

  15. grumbles says:

    thought i should come back and say wow again.
    wow. :)

  16. Cody Tilson says:

    Killer expressions, just fucking great linework all around really. Bitchin’.

  17. bumskee says:

    I love how much we are swearing here… I am going to have to jump in…


  18. Daniol says:

    haha woah ! Thank you very very much everybody !
    i better get back to work so i can stop feeling bad when i see all those crazy updates along with my empty sb pages … :P
    Art2- I’m at gameartisan, under VL:IL.
    Tim- haha actually i think im gonna go for CCAD (next spring).
    Chupacabra- I’m danielC. I should start a new sb there in the next month or so. I gotta improve my self-critizism first though.
    Mr Taro- Yeah I concentrated too much on the medium itself than the subject. I’ll keep an eye on what’s going on next time. Thanks !

    Again, thanks a lot guys! And keep updating this blog !

  19. wow… you truly have a masterful control of the pencil… to say the sketches are striking is an understatement. I dont feel I can say the same about your painting… but those sketches… absolutely stunning. pure and simple.

  20. ev says:

    Great to see some pencils, stunning character and figure work.

  21. Satchell says:

    Thanks for helping me to see things in a dfierefnt light.

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