More Girls + New Website

Wow, geeze. So much new stuff on here, today. I’ll contribute something small as well :)
A few more sketches from my moleskine, typical stuff from me. Done inbetween a couple rounds of Fun Fun Minigolf! But I bought a new website recently!
There’s nothing up there yet, as I’ve been getting ready to move from Canada to Australia mid June. But check back soon and there will be lots of content!


Click to enlarge!



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  1. emilyg says:

    I love the girl with her eye closed…she has such a nice peaceful expression.

  2. Max Marin says:

    Nice sketches…i like the one in the left.

  3. liam.c says:

    like them boath ! super cute !

  4. Kian says:

    Top girls mate. love the tattoo. Cant wait to see the site up.

  5. C.R.MacTernan says:

    Great job on these. You did them in between rounds of minigolf? Wow, multi-tasking!

  6. SCIBOTIC says:

    Where in Australia are you off to?

  7. Interceptor says:

    Emmerly – thanks, pal!
    Max – you naughty boy ;)
    Jon – Awe. <3
    Christine – Gotta golf, gotta drawm what’s a guy to do!?
    Scibiotic – Gonna be moving out to Brisbane!

  8. Interceptor says:

    oh, and liam, thanks bruv ;)

  9. Ooh very nice Loren – I love sexy yet cute chicks. You do that really well !

  10. Do you plan to keep this site updated? I sure hope so…it’s great.

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