Howdy! *Aztec Alien Shaman*

hey Gorillas!

First post here, thought i’d give lurking a break…This is a scary, inspiring and really great place to be :)

You guys are awesome, thanks for sharing! ^^

Thought i’d start the year with a digi, gotta do many many more of these, and its still a long way to go, but hey, gimme some time :D

ciao, and happy new year everybody!

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  1. le-mec says:

    Hahahaha! Oh wow, that’s pretty darn cool. The garments/jewelery Reminds me of ancient mayans.

  2. le-mec says:

    Doh! Should’ve read the post title. I should lurk moar.

  3. Fun guy. I wonder if you could play with some multiply/color/overlay layers and try shifting skin tones around the body, i think the purple, as is, is maybe a tad flat? Perhaps this ain’t the place for nit-pick crits- fun design regardless!

  4. Interceptor says:

    Great, Ryan! You already know what I think of piece piece, dope ;)
    You have tons of great sketch pages. Post some horses! I LOVE your horses :)
    Cheers, brother!


  5. maxETormer says:

    JUJU, nice work Ryan, good to have you around!!

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