hello internets~

People of the Innarwebs, I bid you greetings!

Earlier this month at the Massive Black workshop, some of my friends informed me that I’ve kind of fallen off the internet…so I will try to rectify the rectal rectal rectify just sounds dirty…I often forget that I’m a contributor to this blog, as I am always enthused to see everyone’s new stuff!

A lot of things have happened for me, most recently…I’ve left my in-house position at Gameloft’s Redsteam Studio after 2 years, and gone back to freelancing, aaaaaaaand more importantly I’ve been studying full-time at The Safehouse Atelier in San Francisco. So far it’s been a really great experience, and I’ve been learning lots.

Here is  a small assortment of things, some of which you may have already seen floating around among the jetsam…and hopefully more to come…hope y’all dig it :O



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  1. meatsworthy says:

    those witches be awesome!

  2. Devin Platts says:

    cheers Yip, you are too kind :>

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