Having fun


Just having fun with some characters: Leeloo from the Fifth Element, the Apocalyptic quartette from Gaiman and Pratchett’s “Good Omens”, and a Centaur for the Super Stylized challenge on CA.


good omens riders

super stylized centaur

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  1. ho man… my brain`s melting…
    these are phenomenal! them 4 horse dudes of the Apocalypse are smokin`
    awesome work, babe. you`re amazing.


  2. Interceptor says:

    Aviv, you’re incredible! This is all such great work!
    You really don’t post enough :)


  3. Super nice stuff here, Aviv… they are all so full of character.

  4. ostrander says:

    Awesome Stuff!! :)

  5. beautiful linework and great characters!

  6. LEEEELOOOOOOOOO!!! Love her, great tomboy-ish pose and take on the character. And yeah, centaur girls always rank highly with me – do I detect some appaloosa in that gal? ^_~

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  9. Charlie says:

    would love to get your version of leeloo on me. if I have your permission.

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