Posted some recent junk on my blog, but here are 2 of the better images. Just for fun and learning really.The creature is actually from an old quick sketch I did a year ago. 


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  1. i’ve seen the first one. i like it. but the new one. whoa. crazy textures and colors. well this is per usual for you now. you suck for being so good. :P

  2. great work.
    I really like the girl. very sweet.

  3. Julien Alday says:

    Hey, I remember the monster as a drawing you did months ago [Is that not last year ?] ! It is great you took the time to push that one further, Scott ! Ace stuff, buddy…
    As usual, should I say. ;)

  4. chupacabra says:

    Ahhh, love it man! Really great!!!!

  5. Kian says:

    Bad-ASS! Love em Scott

  6. Interceptor says:

    Foxy lady! I think I remember seeing that creature, too.


  7. emilyg says:

    Beautiful work!

  8. min says:

    I love how you do them lovely faces.. :) she looks sooo HAWT! hahaha. tho I think she would be very short with them heels..
    btw, it’s a shame u couldn’t make it to comic con.. :( you are doing well right tho? :)

  9. Rich- thanks! Wait- you said I suck! Wait- you are correct :)

    Pat – thank you sir. We both like the sweet ladies.

    Julien – Hello my friend! Thanks man – you are always too nice to me. ciao for now!

    Khan – thank you man -too kind

    Jon – thanks amigo ;)

    Loren – thanks dude. Good to see you posting again. Felt like it had been awhile.

    emily – thanks dear. :)

    min – Ya know- i thought about making her taller. I do like the shorties though -makes me feel taller:)
    dude – the one thing I regret about not going to SD CC is getting to finally hang with my boyeee Minzel. It’s been too long. Things are busy but good….you ? Wait- this isn’t IM!

  10. whoa! talk about flipping the script on me. how the heck did you turn that compliment into an emo self depreciating thingamijig? haha. now that’s what you call skill. forget the art stuff man. i kid. i kid!

  11. Scott, these character designs of yours are always so rad, I’m diggin’ em! The outfit on the girl is really awesome, very sweet design indeed :D

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