Hey all! I realize now I need to get my butt in gear and actually scan all the recent work!!!

So bear with me… but until then, here’s a few recent life drawings and some character designs I sketched and am using for an upcoming graphic novel….its a bit complex, but it revolves around whaling, albinos, and inquisition….the rest, soon to be revealed?!

some really quick gesturing drawing as well!









Commence end of spam

About timothy powers

painter from new england

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  1. fedezz says:

    You’re hot timmey :shock:
    Graphic novel = pre-ordered :mrgreen:

  2. Simon Fellah says:




  3. Kian says:

    Tim man, f**k. that coloured bald guy scares the shit out of me.

    Excellent colours mate

  4. Jens says:

    Awesome stuff Mr. Grumble, talented bastard

    I love the third image down, especially the second step.

    I was wondering, are you back at doing art 100% or still taking a break?
    I would think the first one when seeing this update.

  5. min yum says:

    so you are not just a pretty face after all….

  6. Daniol says:

    Timmay the great !
    Solid figures monsieur, especially the last ones.

  7. Mike Dutton says:

    love the haunting quality in your work man. :)

  8. love the character stuff, man! the creepy flesh tones are making my skin crawl.

  9. man you`re scary, Timmy Tim. such gorgeous color choices, and sweet curves on those figure studies…. I love your stuff Dude. :)


  10. coolness Tim. The shaded figs are my fav.

  11. Marcelino Randall says:


  12. timothy wilson says:

    whoa i cant believe someone is even bothering to look at my work, spammer or otherwise!
    ustsx0sb75e4irkx indeed!

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