Beat you up

Hey everyone! Here’s a little design I did for fun. Simple gray scale, but not so easy to me!

Battle Chic

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  1. a danomight from danomight. :)

    she`s marvelous. the design is very appealing and the light and shade works
    great as well.
    got her in color perhaps?….


  2. I like! Great job at breaking down the big shapes of her face and her costume is killer too.

  3. balachon says:

    This girl will stop a skipping horse :)

  4. IdiotApathy says:

    Nice dude, haven’t seen anything from you for awhile let alone painted! :)
    Put some lighting on her hair, makes the whole head read a bit flat I think?

  5. Interceptor says:

    what are you always complaining about painting for? that looks great, d00d. yow. Love the design, too. But damn, the values are great man. Post more, bro.

    ps. is she a drgnslyr?

  6. Daniol says:

    Pretty nice values sir, i’d push a bit more the different planes but it’s no big deal.
    Hope you’ll get to post more soon !

  7. Björn Hurri says:

    hey man! these are great! They could use some more form definition but it’s still a nice painting!


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