A few recent paintings

Hello all, I finished these off a few days back. I hope you will enjoy them!






About Björn Hurri

creature/character concept artist and illustrator at Creative Assembly

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  1. entdroid says:

    The second one is awesome! I love it! :D

  2. liam.c says:

    that zombie is !!!!!!!:) x10

  3. great stuff! Really liking your zombie as well

  4. fucking crazy.
    love that harsh light bouncing of the table onto the little guys faces.
    awesome scene.
    all great stuff, Bjorn.

  5. Clo says:

    Very different stuff but all awesome! :)

  6. Imaginary says:

    We do enjoy em! =D

  7. Simon Fellah says:

    love your trolls, buddy!

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