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Paintings inspired by randomly generated sprites

Random Jetman by le-mec

There’s this REALLY GOOD random sprite generator that I use from time to time when I want to draw something cool, but I just don’t know where to start. Pom Pom Knight Random Jetman by le-mec

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Harold Halibut – A Handmade Videogame

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve had concept art to share so I’m excited to get a chance to post here. A couple of friends who do a lot of film work and I have been working on this video game together. It’s going to be an old school type of point&click adventure […]

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Light Grey Art Lab and Digital Painting Technique 4


Was honored to be invited to participate in Light Grey Art Labs upcoming show Tarot, Mystics and the Occult Exhibition. Based off the incredible and incredibly long artist list and the pre-order preview of the limited edition Tarot deck they’ve shown, it looks to be an amazing showing.   Above is my version of The Tower. I know it deviates a […]

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Korpus School of Art + Gallery is Now Enrolling for Summer 2011!!!

~ Dear Friends, I am extremely pleased to announce that: ~ Korpus School of Art + Gallery is Now Enrolling for Summer 2011!!! ~ We have updated our website with our downloadable Enrollment, Registration, and FAQ documents. Please visit our School Policies page to download these forms as PDFs! ~ We have updated our Calendar […]

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Self-Awareness Day


Hey sapiens. Here’s an oil self portrait in the moleskine, and a lil’ bit of angsty poetry thrown in there for you too :D It came out of listening to Saul Williams while bogged down with a bad job – a dangerous combo. There’s a reference or two to his stuff in there too (metaphor, […]

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