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Here’s a study of Rob Crow from the band, Pinback.  Painted because I finally get to see them after missing them multiple times over the years.  Hope you like it, and thanks for looking!

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GOWREELLAZTIKOS ::: The return of Raf and his shattered mind


GOWRIES, Gorillas, fellow friends – SO LONG!!!!!!   Well, Facebook and shiet can’t kill the passion for the BADASS-est art community, so, I’ll do ALL my best to ressurrect my ass in here! I know it’s boring (since I’ve already posted this on FB and whatnot), but these are my latest personal experiments. YES, experiments, […]

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Recent watercolors/gouache studies

Wow, it’s been like a million years since I last posted here! There’s not really much to say about these, just a recent bunch of studies from old photos and movie/series screencaps painted as an exercise to familiarize myself with the medium. Cheers!

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Study for St.George & the Dragon

Hi everyone! It’s been ages since I posted and even longer since I’ve done any original work, however, the last few weeks I’ve felt inspired to start painting again. At the moment I feel a bit rusty especially working with a tablet, but its slowly coming back to me ;) Here is the most current […]

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Paper Candles


Hey guys, amazing updates in the last week! Amazing to see everyone’s personal visions. I scanned a bunch of sketchbooks from the last little while. Here’s a few drawings – there’s a bunch more on my personal blog –

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