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The World After (Reduser 4k Portrait Finalist)

Greetings Gorillas, I just got back from NAB 2012 and thought I share a short I created for the Reduser 4k Portrait Competition. I was selected as one of the 10 finalists. I wrote a huge post on the workflow with some concept art and notes describing this week long marathon. If you’re interested click […]

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Bone, Bug, and Spider Masks

Photographs are still “in bounds” right? Thought these were worth posting as the lighting and the figures are interesting (to me at least). I collect masquerade masks and these three I picked up in New Orleans. They are all hand made and one of kind by different artists. Basically what I do is choose a […]

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I thought it was time to give the photography category some love. So here’s a quick selection of some Polaroid shots I made between France and California this year. All shots were done with a Polaroid SE Mamiya Press and using 669 type 100 expired films. Exception made from the one called “Desolation”, it was […]

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Just practice


Hello, gang ! A modest post from me today. Just want to share the kind of stuff I do for myself, just for practice. I also want to apologies to anybody who could be shocked by the last picture. Love on you all, folks. You guys made great art on this blog. As usual, should […]

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Where Giants Sleeps

Hi gang ! A four hours drive through the French country ends in a very particular place where I met this big fellah, a giant statue from medieval time dispatched all over the fields. Trust me, it’s huge ! So here’s some preliminary shots I did, for your inspiration. ;) Julien.

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