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Harold Halibut – A Handmade Videogame

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve had concept art to share so I’m excited to get a chance to post here. A couple of friends who do a lot of film work and I have been working on this video game together. It’s going to be an old school type of point&click adventure […]

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The Other Brothers Update


Hello everyone! We updated with more artwork on the blog and a great facebook challenge so make sure to go and read!! If  you are too lazy to click, at least you can look at some of the art :)

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The Other Brothers on Kotaku!

tob_character_shot We were lucky enough to get a great write-up on Kotaku! Have a look! If you are too lazy to go there, at least there are some images for you here to soften the blow :) Also make sure to visit our site for further news!

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The Other Brothers


Hello all! I am so happy to announce a small project that we just went public with. It is a pixelated sidescroller with a healthy dose of comedy. Please visit the site for regular updates and more information while we develop this game in a short time frame of 4-6 months! Thank you! The […]

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A Little Something You Might Be Interested In: Inkling from Wacom

I hope this lives up to its promise: “While you sketch on paper, your ideas go digital.” Wacom Presents INKLING

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