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Harold Halibut – A Handmade Videogame

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve had concept art to share so I’m excited to get a chance to post here. A couple of friends who do a lot of film work and I have been working on this video game together. It’s going to be an old school type of point&click adventure […]

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One Year Later..


It’s been over a year since my last post. Admittedly, it’s just really hard to maintain and update a personal blog, a group blog, a cghub account, Facebook, tumblr, etc. Sorry I’ve once again neglected you, Gorilla Artfare! So here’s some select pieces that I’ve done during my absence. I’m currently in search of a […]

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Meincraft, a tribute to one of my favorite games and my humble contribution to what will no doubt be an amazing show: PRESS START, Video Game Art by Video Game Artists, hosted by Ltd Gallery here in Seattle. Hope to see you at the opening this Friday the 31st !

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Light Grey Art Lab and Digital Painting Technique 4


Was honored to be invited to participate in Light Grey Art Labs upcoming show Tarot, Mystics and the Occult Exhibition. Based off the incredible and incredibly long artist list and the pre-order preview of the limited edition Tarot deck they’ve shown, it looks to be an amazing showing.   Above is my version of The Tower. I know it deviates a […]

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Oh wow, it’s really been a long time since I last posted. Here’s some work that I’ve been doing since my last post (over 2 years ago..haha). More can be found at or!

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