Category: Creature Design

Two pages of thinking


Hello all! Here’s two pages from my sketchbook. I’ve been thinking a lot about light and edges lately. Trying to figure out a process or way of thinking to apply on my art. I’ll write more about it when I’ve figured it out…at least to the point where I can some what put it down […]

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Just a small scan


Hello everybody! Here’s a few sketches. Been busy being a father lately. Cheers!

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bears bears bears

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Howdy! *Aztec Alien Shaman*


hey Gorillas! First post here, thought i’d give lurking a break…This is a scary, inspiring and really great place to be :) You guys are awesome, thanks for sharing! ^^ Thought i’d start the year with a digi, gotta do many many more of these, and its still a long way to go, but hey, […]

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Sketchbook pages


Hello everybody! Here’s some pages I’ve done recently in my sketchbook. Nothing special just letting the pen move on paper. Sorry for the massive page hogging… (As always, click to enlarge)

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