Category: Anniversary Edition!

GA is three! Happy Birthday!


Last Monday Gorilla Artfare turned three years old! This time the celebration is a little late, and a bit less loud, but still all kinds of awesome :D The theme for this activity was “A song that inspires you”: we each chose a song that we liked, and made something inspired by it. Enjoy!   […]

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Happy second birthday gorillas!!!


Today our blog turns two! And in order to celebrate such a wonderful occasion we decided to make some art, cause that’s what this all is about after all. In order to give it a more interesting twist, each of us got to cover, reinvent, reinterpret, make some fanart and give our own personal flavor […]

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Happy Birthday to us!!!! :)


Today is our blog’s first anniversary! So to celebrate such a joyful occasion, we decided to do something special for our readers and supporters. The activity of choice was “draw another member’s portrait”. Some names were drawn from a hat, some chose to illustrate each other, some people were buried with deadlines and couldn’t make […]

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