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Harold Halibut – A Handmade Videogame

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve had concept art to share so I’m excited to get a chance to post here. A couple of friends who do a lot of film work and I have been working on this video game together. It’s going to be an old school type of point&click adventure […]

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Oppidum Prototype, Continued


This has been sitting on my desktop nearly complete for the last few months so I’m happy to finally have the time to call it done. It’s still rough around the edges, with plenty of things I’d like to change or improve, but I’m happy with my growth and discoveries and feel it’s time to […]

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The World After (Reduser 4k Portrait Finalist)

Greetings Gorillas, I just got back from NAB 2012 and thought I share a short I created for the Reduser 4k Portrait Competition. I was selected as one of the 10 finalists. I wrote a huge post on the workflow with some concept art and notes describing this week long marathon. If you’re interested click […]

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Oppidum Prototype and 8 New Prints !


Motion concepts are something I’ve toyed around with for a couple years now, though until now I’ve never taken one so far that Photoshop couldn’t handle it properly. I’ve spent the last week or so learning AfterEffects and though I doubt I’ll ever excel with animation, I’ve really enjoyed myself and have learned and grown […]

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The Other Brothers Update


Hello everyone! We updated with more artwork on the blog and a great facebook challenge so make sure to go and read!! If  you are too lazy to click, at least you can look at some of the art :)

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