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Wow it’s been a long time since I posted on here! So I did a quick sketch one night and had so much fun I wanted to do more in the same theme, after doing 3 I started to try to cobblethem into a sequence of sorts. I did one a night each weeknight for […]

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Bits and bobs


Here’s some sketches from this week, hope you like them. Blog

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Sci-fi Dumpage


REALLY want to paint a forest now, sorry for the big post. Got a bit of a backlog.

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Sci Fai Gai


‘…are ….are we the bad guys?!’ Something I’ve been working on in the afternoons, had fun with all the clichés on this one. Forgot yellow and black striped caution tape though.

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Awesome stuff here lately! Some design practice for fun, not meant to be taken seriously. Steampunk space stuff, a lunar rover, shuttle and gun. I might get round to doing some more at some point, would be fun to do a steam powered mecha.

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