Cody Tilson

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GRIDLIFE - Shirt Design

What better way to commemorate the¬†GRIDLIFE festival of racing, drifting and music than to feature tandem FRS redlining through a goddamn skull? T-shirt design and limited edition, 7 color screen print. Let’s get this show back on the road.

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Earth Thirst / The Eternal Flame

Earth Thirst by Cody Tilson

Two covers done for Night Shade Books, art directed by Dave “El Phantasmo” Palumbo. The first is for Mark Teppo’s “Earth Thirst” (shown with alternate, unpublished type treatment) and the second for Greg Egan’s “Orthogonal Book 2: The Eternal Flame”.

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The Croning


New cover for Laird Barron’s The Croning, art directed by legendary outlaw Wild Dave Palumbo.

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Enormity by Cody Tilson

New cover for Enormity, out by Night Shade Books. Art Directed by the always fresh, never frozen Dave Palumbo.

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Cody Tilson - Dangerous

This guy is off of our usual illustration and concept art beaten path, but a little design never hurt anybody. Created for Playboy as the opener to a feature on the notorious publisher Paladin Press. The intro to the story: “It’s illegal to kill a human being, blow up a building, hack into a corporate […]

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