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As the game has finally been released on iOS, I’ve been authorized to show a few of the concepts I did for Wild Blood from mid 2010 to mid 2011 while working at Redsteam Gameloft Shanghai and Singapore. It’s quite old already actually. But it was fun, it was really my first attempts at almost everything regarding […]

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Goslar Imperial Palace

Had a great week end sightseeing in an awesome medieval town west of Berlin. Here is one of the sketches I did despite constant showers and heavy winds. The gentlemen on the horses are respectively Friedrich 1st and Barbarossa. Hope you like it fellas ! More sketches from this trip soon on my blog oyoz.blogspot.com

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Scrappy Coco – Robot Concept Art

Here is another venture into the realm of mechanical design. Clic on the picture for fatter pixels. And for more infos about the process, head out to my blog oyoz.blogspot.com : ) Cheerio.

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Rocks, epic clouds and sea of boobs.


Here is stuff I done on saturday. Twas rainy, girl out doing girly schtuff, nuttin to watch, nuttin to read, lots to eat. So I painted. More infos on how those sketches came about on my blog. Cheers.

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Blackberries – Sketch

A sketch I did last night… Please guys kick my french ass so I don’t let this one sink with the dozens of others unpainted stories in my dump folder. :) More stuff on my blog : oyoz.blogspot.com

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