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robot practise


What’s that silver ball, you ask? It’s my attempt at a “light probe”, which I used for environmental lighting reference.

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Texture/materials study…


Kind of tired of being stuck in a rut — that is, I can draw solid forms and perhaps even light them, but I want to be able to apply different materials and textures ’cause I want to be able to apply a layer of credibility to my work! I’d like to draw dirty, rusty, […]

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New Year’s Resolution


Draw moar backgrounds – and start figuring out how to draw detailed things without them all going to hell…

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40-minute speedpainting


Here’s a speedpainting I did from photo reference (which I shot during a trip to Annecy, France).You can watch the entire 40-minute process here, with commentary. (Link opens in a new window)

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Halloween’s coming up…


I really hate having to do super clean painting/colouring. It’s like this endless spiral of diminishing returns.

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