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Updates from the Wilderness


Hi folks. Its been crazy here at our studio, but after 3 weeks of Art-Fu pushups and production art, we’ve finally managed to spend some time on some 20 mins speedies I decided for a slight style change.

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Interior Decor…


Some interior paintings from this week Still needs more clarity but for 30 min paintings…was trying to get a feel of an atmospheric feel. Not quite sure bout the composition bout the second one. Needs alot of things killing/blocked out I reckon….

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Enviroments Series #01


1/ Snow/Ice enviromental speedpaint 2/ I reckon I’ve bitten more than I can chew with the middle illo. It started as a whim, as a venture into painting topographic styled map environments. I’m now cursing…because it looks like it may take forever to finish 3/ Last illo: The Hobbit: Smaug under the Mountain Hall. A […]

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Short and Long speedies

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Pilgramage to the ancient halls


This is a three part series. I: On Broken Dragon Hill, the yearly sacrifice and tribute is made prior to the villages entering the deep of the mountain through the Ancient Halls II: Having traversed the back of Broken Dragon Hill, the pilgrimage to the Ancient Halls grants sanctuary over the cold Winter seasons I […]

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