Julien Alday

Free-lance illustrator and Lapin.


Their Game [Not So Dirty]


Hello, folks ! Here’s another sample from the project I’m currently working on [see my previous Dirty Sunday post]. I think I will have to wait something like a good week or two before tell you more about it. That said, here’s a few hint: that’s for a sequential, it’s an adaptation from a erotic […]

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Dirty Sunday [180° atonal teaser]


Hello, Gang ! Today is Dirty Sunday… So here’s something for your eyes only. ;) This is in fact two elements from the project I’m working on actually, I will tell you more about it in the near future. Mixed media as usual: Acrylic, Japanese Dot Screen and Mac. Photos were used as ref’ but […]

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Wash Me, I’M Dirty !!! [On Sunday Only]


Hi Gang ! Today is dirty sunday celebration. Don’t ask me what it means: I’m too innocent, too cute, too French for understand it. It’s like “the walk of shame”, something so much american than I needed to be teach about that expression, a year ago, in the bay area [don't ask me how]. Here’s […]

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William Gibson

Here’s my contribution to Steven Gettis’ collection, where you’ll see tons of good pictures, and there’s a few GAers there [Hi Nic, hello Francis]. The McKean art makes me jaleous everytime, haha ! Topic is about draw your favourite author/novel character and obviously, first sentence of Neuromancer start to play in loop in my head, […]

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Rest My Chemistry [Nudity]


Hi gang ! ^^ Great updates here lately [seems always the case on that blog, in anycase]. Didn’t post here in ages, sorry ! I have to hold a couple of NDA stuff before put a proper post on these boards. So here some personal studies, made on my free time. Testing my new scanner […]

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