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i’m on the phone with tom


we’re having a great conversation. His voice is dreamy. kisses!!! tom says hey everyone!! (btw, this is some sketchbook doodles. my videocard crapped out yesterday. same with my router! technology hates me!)

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mostly girls


Here’s just some stuff from a pretty jacked up old moleskine book. I have’nt really been on speaking terms with traditional work lately, sketchbooks especially.. but lately I’ve started enjoying it alot more. Here’s a few sketches, thanks for looking!! As always, click to enlarge! -Loren (ps, please tell me if scan quality is all jacked […]

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Xiao Niao


Kicking ass lately, Gorillas. Always proud to be a part of the blog here… Her name is Xiao Niao, it means little bird. She’s another Eklipse villan. She’s a captain of one of the ships in Charity’s fleet. All the captains are girls, but Xiao Niao is kind of a rebel against Charity. She’s tough […]

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Interceptor / Hurricane collab.


Hurricane and I sent eachother each a sketch to paitnover. Here is what i got from his sketch. Lots of fun!

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Gladys, for Eklipse. Most of my girls have fairly short hair, wanted to do something different. The design is tacky, yes, but Lately I’ve been trying to make sure I keep the fun in art. Not getting too concerned with plausibility and all that. Hope you enjoy.   – L

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