Francis Vallejo

I really enjoy making pictures.




Hey guys! Always inspiring to see the range of work here!!! Here are a few drawing/sketches I’ve been messing with:   take care, -francis

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Spectrum announced…. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like Goriallaartfare represented well!

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Mt. Rushmore WIP

Hey fellow Gorilla Artfarians…..(does that work?) I though I’d put up a work in progress photo of a painting I’m working on. Still alot to do but it’s on its way! My favorite part is the pile of paint clothes in the corner..haha. I’ll be sure to post the final and it will alll make […]

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So this is a quick update with some sketch action I’ve been working on.  The top image is from figure drawing, the middle one is an oil sketch/study for an illustration I’m finally starting tomorrow, and the last one is a crop of a sketch I’m doing for a comic cover. I’ve definitely been digging […]

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Great to see all the awesome work! Heres some pieces I’ve been playing with. One is from a figure session, the others are for an illustration I’m about to begin…I’m trying to nail a style before I start. take care, -francis

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