Federico Piatti

I'm a freelance illustrator from Argentina currently based in Toledo, Spain. Some of my clients include: Wizards of the Coast, National Geographic Learning, White Wolf, Boom! Studios, Stone Arch Books, Fantasy Flight Games, World Around Records. Selected publications: Spectrum 18 (Underwood Books), Gorilla Artbook Vol.1 (CFSL Ink), Botobit Volume One.


Sketchbook dump


Hey gang! Here’s a bunch of raw stuff from my trusty sketchbook, they’re basically studies of photos I come across the interwebs while browsing some of my favorite bizarre and vintage-stuff blogs. Last one is an ArtRage study of an N C Wyeth, trying to figure out his badass use of shadow welding. Hope ya […]

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Dirtey Domingo


Some studies (from photos) from my “doodles” folder that fit the DS! theme (well, maybe the one with the skull doesn’t, meh).

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Make a wish!


Hello people of the interwebs, it was a busy weekend but we couldn’t resist doing something for this DS!, so here’s a collab we did with Vic.

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Something new, something old and something dirty


Going through my “studies” folder I realized every day is Dirty Sunday for me :P So here’s a couple of old studies, a new illustration I did for a magazine and something just for the occasion.

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Druidess Tee


Here’s a tee I designed recently for Savant. I had total freedom to do whatever I want, so it was a really fun project. It’s a limited edition and you can get one here. A huge thank you to all the gorillas that helped me out with their feedback and support :D

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