Nigel Quarless

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What Would Wolves Do?


Hey Gorillas! Everyone s posting such awesome work – very inspiring… Here’s a little something from me – a quick one I did over a few nights last week.  Thanks for looking and I hope you’re all well! – Nigel

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A Bear & a girl and some Colour Thumbs.



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SteamPunk Icarus


Hey Gorillaz, I did up a little entry for the CG Steampunk Challenge too… so what the hell, I’ll share it… There’s process steps and designs on my personal blog, too…

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It’s been a while…


Hey everyone! The new blog looks great, thanks to the GA team for all your work! Lots of awesome work posted here too! It’s been a busy summer and I haven’t had much time for personal work, but here’s a little contribution…

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Nothin’ Much


Hey Everyone… nothin’ much here, just another fun character piece.

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