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Fox & Phoenix cover


Hi Gorillas!!! Wow, it’s been a crazy log time since I posted…I’ve been stopping by and checking out all the awesome work though – you guys and girls are killing it! Anyway, no one wants to read my ramblings so on to the goods… Here’s a cover I did for a great YA novel from […]

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Mixed Bag Mythography, Solace and Carry


Holy… it’s been 2 months since I posted anything… what a deadbeat I am… here’s some stuff…

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Touch of Death


Hey Gorillas, amaaaaazing posts lately… tough act to follow but I thought I’d post up this little piece I sketched up anyway!

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Neon Dragon


Hi everyone… I thought I’d post this piece I’ve been chipping away at for the last month or so. I got alot of really great feedback from alot of you along the way – so thanks very much!

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Hey Hey


Hey Gorillas! It’s been ages since I posted.. thought I should let you know I’m still alive. Great to see all the awesome work getting posted every day. Thanks for the inspiration! Here’s a few things I’ve managed to finish lately…   This is a character/style experiment from a personal project… And another character sketch […]

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