I'm a freelance illustrator working mainly in the F/SF genre. Most often I'm either painting book covers or gaming cards.


The Anubis Gates

Today’s post is a big one for me. I’m extremely pleased and proud to make public the series of illustrations which I created for the 30th anniversary Centipede Press edition of Tim Powers’ brilliant novel The Anubis Gates. What follows are eleven interior plates, along with a set of images to be used on the […]

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Terrible Weakness


Here’s a new one continuing to push the painterly direction and approach and it is really feeling good. I can’t think of any other recent painting which was as exciting and enjoyable as this was to work on. I’m also tremendously proud to say that this piece will be on display at the Allentown Art […]

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The Adventures of Link


Here are two pieces I made for an upcoming show at OhNo!Doom in Chicago. The show is all video game related images, and for me that translates to NES classic. It was my first system, my favorite system, and the only console I still use (believe me, Tetris *never* gets old). The choice of which […]

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Goodbye 2011… (new gallery work)


In a couple weeks, I’ll be showing some new personal work at Artists House Gallery in Philadelphia alongside my brother Anthony. Details here, come check it out!

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Recent cover illustrations


I just realized that, though I do generally update my personal blog, I’ve been very delinquent here on GA updates. Here’s an illo dump to make it up, not everything I’ve done in the past several months but a good portion of book covers, tarot cards, my Microvisions piece, etc. All oils, sizes vary, you […]

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