i like drawing and painting.


recent things


Excelent stuff poster lately, its great waking up with soo many good posts. Keep working guys !  Some recent things i’ve been working on. Lots of errors, i know, but I’m working on it :]  A few hours later…  Current work.. Been inspired by mullins and Joshk on this one. I need to start moving […]

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Ein Karactère !


Mighty geeses, nice posts !  Heres a little fun with a diablo inspired moment. More coming ! 

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Little break

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Something im working on, along other stuff. Definitely having fun with these.. still in progress, so crits are more than welcome !

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Hello, here be some stuff ive been doing lately…still finishing some other stuff. I think you guys have already seen most of it.. in other words im boring :| … haha Anyway Initially wanted to send this one to coro for his awesome story… but humm no Yes.. this is a penis shaped protection This […]

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