Character designer, lead 3d modeler and freelance illustrator.


black tar


Hey Gorillas. Just wanted to post some characters I did for fun over the last few months.  

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the courtesy call

loud sunshine

Hi Gorillas! It’s been some time. Awesome posts on the blog these past few weeks (I’m especially super glad my illo doesn’t come right after Rich’s Tenenbaum post). You can click to view it full size, if you so desire. Have a nice day!  

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hotel bronco


Howdy everyone. Here are some things I did recently, in an attempt to stop drawing only chicks on a white bg. As you can see, some backgrounds are still white. And there are still chicks. Well. The images are a little small, but you can click them to make them less small.       […]

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fox day!


Last week, Clo and I were talking and at some point, we agreed that november 20 would be a good day to draw foxes. So there, Fox Day!

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Hey Gorillas. Two little doodles I did today. A bientôt!

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