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an Animal Crossing fan art

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Happy new year!!!

Hey Gorillas, so much killer stuff here recently! This is just a little picture to wish you all a glorious new year! 

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The Baron Munchausen


Hey everyone! The new blog looks ace!! Here’s a fan art of one of my favorite Terry Gilliam’s movies. I hope you like it!  

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Les Vacances de Monsieur Rhino


HEY GUYS! My children book with the author Raphaël Baud will be out in a few days ! “Les Vacances de Monsieur Rhino” Raphaël Baud & Aurélie Neyret, Editions Chocolat! Jeunesse Here is THE TRAILER ! My partner in crime Nicolab did it :) And since I got my own copies, here’s some pics of […]

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Rhino children book


Hi gang! Finally posting some new stuff here! It’s a spread of the children book I’m doing. It will be available in France this summer. and a detail so you can see this chubby butt better and these are some crops of larger illustrations! <3

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