Kan Muftic

Concept Artist at Rocksteady Studios Ltd


Anime (wannabe)


Hi guys, My first take on anime-look. Hope you like it, Khan

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A very quick speedy in Painter. Hope You guys like it, Khan

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Late Night Fantasies with Dr. Muftich


Now that your dirty little eyes are looking for some soft-porn content, I’ll have to dissapoint you. It’s not about that at all [applause]. I’ve been into fantasy stuff lately, and was trying to get my hands around it. Feel much safer with sci-fi but now I really enjoyed working on these. This is the […]

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Practicing enviros


Hey fellaZ, I suck so hard in painting realistic enviros, despite few years of matte painting experience so i kinda got back at it’s essentials: a la prima technique based on ref, taking only few minutes for each thumb. Here’s the result: And some old enviros: Hope you guys like it, Khan

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Video backgrounds


Hi there, I posted those on CA already but hack, I feel it needs to go in here too. I was commissioned to co-direct and design a music video. Was suppose to be on Mtv, big time.. But the whole thing turned out to be a big fake and it ended up with a terrible […]

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