Nomi Chi

I'm Nomi Chi. I draw things, I do tattoos, and I eat lots of bacon.


Tattoo I did recently

Did this one while on a 3-week cross-Canada Tatt…tour? Enjoysies!

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A tryst in the mushroom patch.

Hey guys! I made a really nifty thing with a nifty company. They approached me a while ago wanting to produce a limited edition laser-cut paper sculpture. Here’s the result! We’re talking about doing some more stuff… pretty stoked :) You can check out more info HEREZIES. xo N  

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Saprotrophic love story.


I feel like a real dirty bum-bum for dropping this on top of Tom’s post… but someone’s gotta. This was my final project for one of my Illustration classes. Papercraft in glass frame. xoxo N    

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Meat and words and words with meat.

I’m so incredibly blown away by the work here. Great job, guys. Here’s what I have to throw in the fray. If you like meat and letters then you’ll probably enjoy this.  

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Bunni bebes.


Heyo! I made a thing for this show at the virginia MoCa. It’s pretty nifty! Process and details on ma blog!

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