Happy second birthday gorillas!!!

Today our blog turns two! And in order to celebrate such a wonderful occasion we decided to make some art, cause that’s what this all is about after all. In order to give it a more interesting twist, each of us got to cover, reinvent, reinterpret, make some fanart and give our own personal flavor to the work of another Gorilla. It was an exciting experience and the results are just awesome and fresh.
Ladies and gents, on to the artz:

Federico Piatti covers Nonie | Inspiration: Link


Zord covers Daniol | Inspiration: Link


Clo covers Mr.Delicious | Inspiration: Link


Kan Muftic covers iolarnula | Inspiration: Link


Cody Tilson covers Dead Mello | Inspiration: Link


bluefooted covers Brun | Inspiration: Link


Björn Hurri covers scott*altmann | Inspiration: Link


bumskee covers koppa | Inspiration: Link 1 - Link 2


Nonie covers Troy Galluzzi | Inspiration: Link


iolarnula covers le-mec | Inspiration: Link


liam.c covers Standing


Vorace covers pm | Inspiration: Link


entdroid covers bumskee | Inspiration: Link 1 - Link 2Link 3


cakeypigdog covers liam.c | Inspiration: Link


DavePalumbo covers devin platts | Inspiration: Link


scott*altmann covers alice | Inspiration: Link


Gax covers cakeypigdog | Inspiration: Link


koppa covers Aly Fell | Inspiration: Link


Whit covers Gax | Inspiration: Link


Aly Fell covers Icon | Inspiration: Link


Troy Galluzzi covers Vorace | Inspiration: Link


Standing covers Björn Hurri | Inspiration: Link


Dead Mello covers Sergio Lopez | Inspiration: Link


Adam Paquette covers bluefooted | Inspiration: Link


Brun covers DavePalumbo | Inspiration: Link


Ville Ericsson covers Interceptor | Inspiration: Link


le-mec covers koshime


le-mec covers Patri Balanovsky


Art2 covers Kan Muftic | Inspiration: Link


ev covers Cody Tilson | Inspiration: Link


DanielClarke covers ev | Inspiration: Link


Alex Draude covers Federico Piatti | Inspiration: Link


fooxoo covers Randall Whiteis | Inspiration: Link


Jens covers fooxoo | Inspiration: Link


Julien Alday covers Ville Ericsson | Inspiration: Link


pm covers DanielClarke | Inspiration: Link


Icon covers Whit | Inspiration: Link

Randall Whiteis covers marctaro

Check out for updates soon…

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  1. JR says:

    Very inspiring. Want to get my sketchbook out now!

  2. Tihana says:

    Great stuff guys! Some really nice work here!

  3. timmy says:

    so proud to be an ex gorilla right now :)
    gax needs to have a 3d animated movie now. whit helped to clarify this with that beauty up there!

  4. Gregory says:

    Cody Tilson, bumskee, Whit, Alex Draude are especially outstanding there. Thanks to all Gorillaz !

  5. Whit says:

    dang. awesome stuff here…. I’m slow on the draw on this one. thanks doods

    Karla… somehow I knew you’d choose that one.:) It reminds me of that kansas video. dust in the wind+cocks

    gax, it was a pleasure working from your awesome drawing. I had the hardest time choosing which one to reinterperet cause they’re all so dope

    thanks to entdroid for organizing and gathering all the artwork :) you rock

  6. bobbykro says:

    maddd collection of art !!!

  7. AMAZING! this was an unbelievable post guys. great work all around. i love the humor in these. vic’s your’s is hilarious.

  8. rodrigo! says:

    OMFG best post eeveerrrrr!!! amazing work yall i loved them all! Such diversity, interesting styles happening, and all at such a high quality.
    happy birthday GA and may you be around for many years to come :)

  9. nenent says:

    wow, totaly fabulous !

    it’s very amazing to see all this ! It’s not an easy exercice but i think than everybody has done a gorgeous picture !

  10. Icon says:

    Love it! Love it! LOVE IT ALL!!!!!

    I check this post wayy too often now, and just love the different takes on other artists! It’s really cool to see what people find aesthetically in common and in what ways they split ways!

    Lovely job all of you!!! It makes me feel guilty I’m not a more active gorilla!

    Aly: Good Sir! I love those ladies! LOVE THEM! I still get excited to see them in a different light! I said it once and I’ll say it again too, I love the changes you made for them! They express the pose and mood so well! :) It’s an honor, sir, an honor!

  11. mattgamer says:

    happy 2nd gorilla. you’ve all brought me much joy and inspiration.
    keep up the good work!


  12. Aly Fell says:

    Completely stunning work from everybody. And Icon, it was an honour to get you in the draw. I’d said how much I loved those girls on CGHub. They had SO much personality. It’s my honour!

    Koppa – I don’t know what to say really. Wonderful. You’ve done something so different and incredible with amazing imagination! Blown away… Thank you.

  13. scott says:

    Best Post Ever!
    I love visiting this blog, watching the continual very high quality art poring out of here just makes me smile every single morning. Keep it up ladies and gents, this place is a gem on the interweb :)


  14. James Lorincz says:

    Awesome…truly inspiring. :O

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