Oppidum Prototype, Continued


This has been sitting on my desktop nearly complete for the last few months so I’m happy to finally have the time to call it done. It’s still rough around the edges, with plenty of things I’d like to change or improve, but I’m happy with my growth and discoveries and feel it’s time to invest elsewhere for the time being. Please let me know what you think !

See the previous prototype here:

About Tom Scholes

Available for Freelance Concept Art/Visual Development specializing in environments. I’m passionate about the untapped potential of digital art and interactive entertainment, and am deeply interested in the growth of both mediums. I believe art is the best means of discovery and delievery of emotional and experiential knowledge and am constantly searching for the means to provide enrichment in these areas. I’ve worked on 7 different titles for 3 different studios; Microsoft’s 343 Industries, NCSoft’s ArenaNet, and Disney Interactive’s Avalanche.

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  1. devin platts says:

    daaaaaaaaaamn dude…this is so swank!

  2. oyo says:

    love it man. Cant wait to see how the story develops.

  3. iniitamo says:

    Looks seriously incredible! The interactions, the scenes, the art – all fit together so well. This should become a real game.

  4. Cody Tilson says:

    Fucking impressive, Tom. I am making that drip sound right now, by the way… not with my mouth…

  5. Liam.c says:

    Tom man that’s out of the park !

  6. I lovvvveeeee this!!!! Great work! :)

  7. Chris says:

    Yay this kicks! I like the smoothness in the actions..lovely!

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