Monthly Archives: November 2011

Electric Sheep


I did something, I DID, I DID! Hope you’re all doing good. Right click and open for bigger view. T

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black and white


Just something to pass the time. It’s not quite done, but I need to set it aside for awhile.

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Hello.. geeeze it’s been.. ages.. some stuff i’ve done earlier this year.. bunch of illustrations for MMORPG. was good fun doing these.. last one was done for a seminar earlier this year.. at Tencent. cheers Min

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nez dak


Hello fellow gorillas, hello fellow internet!! Here’s my entry for the exhibition at rotopol entitled Super Villains, starting today. I tried to merge some ideas from a personal mythological project (for practice) with the exhibition’s theme, hence the border full of ghosts and creatures. Thaaanks!!

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Herman, Melville and Maude


i tried my hand at some encaustics. i can say i am fully obsessed now. this was just out of the starting gate….some quick wipes and topcoats. i can’t wait to plunge in and spend some time on the next set! also: zebra frame. more stuff is HERE and HURR. Herman, Melville, and Maude. respectively.

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