Monthly Archives: June 2011


Hello Gorillas :D! Finished this last night, Donatello of tmnt. Only Mike and Raph left… So close D:

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here is some recent bits- a rare delve into concept art with the marine fella, some badge designs and a quick moor paint killergriller stuff as always C

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More work for another unannounced project I was happy to have the chance to work on.

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Been painting n’stuff…


Hey GORILLAS!!! Just got my copy of the Gorilla Artfare Book the other day and was, to say the least, b l o w n AWAY! You guys are awesome. You should know that. ;) Here’s a painting I have done recently. It’s a study from Waterhouse. Weird how it looks nothing like Waterhouse,*shrugs* o […]

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HOoooooot! like an owl :)


Hi Gorilla it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Here are a few owls I have painted with acrylic gouache in a little sketchbook. Trying to do a bird a day.:) These I felt were the more successful ones out of six. I hope you enjoy! Tawny Owl a.k.a Alien Owl Barn Owl

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