Monthly Archives: November 2009

Oil landscapes

Hi everyone. I have been working on this set of paintings over the last month or so. They were going to be for the Nottingham open but after consulting my wife and friends I decided not to put them in. The paintings are all of parts of my daily commute to work on my cycle. […]

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no dirty sunday :(

hey guys! here is some new stuff! I have started work on my 3rd cast at school, and I will try to get the 2nd one uploaded soon! so there is something for everyone here, Beyond Good & Evil fan art and life drawings! cheers!

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Another anatomy fun paint

Hello! I did this one as a warm-up today, no reference were used hence the “inaccurate” proportions. I find it quite fun to just paint form rather than trying to correct them according to what see as accurate proportions. To just let it go and paint is quite nice. Have a great day!

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Skate Deck Design


Hey everyone! Everybody’s stuff is inspiring and awesome as usual. I’ve got a lil something, my friend that I used to work with started his own skateboard company & wanted me to design a deck for him… this is what I came up with. “Wheelbite”… the back trucks go in the teeth, the top trucks […]

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Heya Rillaz! I`ve been slacking off lately, getting fatter and lazier every passing moment. it`s a good thing My girlfriend Aviv (my love and a fellow Gorilla)  is there to kick me in the butt once in a while, and gets me to draw and paint. anyways, enough about me. so – how`ve you folks […]

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