Monthly Archives: November 2009

darn it.

I keep missing Dirty Sunday!… ho well. there`s always next sunday. here`s another character thing, and a Cat. cheerio! P.

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Studies and Stuff


This is an odd mix, but here you guys go Ghost in the Shell Fanart/Skin Study. I really regret not putting some emotions into these guys! Bouguereau Master Copy. A little fun diddy that I learned a lot from. I’m way off in quite a few parts, but really, it was quite the experience! Thanks […]

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Hello everyone! I was interviewed by a new art website the other day! Here’s the link to the interview if anyone is interested in a glimpse into who I am. Cheers! Bjorn.

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Not dirty, but something at least.


New thing, I just finished revising, 80% acrylic 20% digital. It’s nice to be painting again. Hope you guys will like. Cheers.

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Happy dirty sunday!


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