Monthly Archives: November 2009

dirty weekend…

So, some  sketchbook pages from the ArtUndressed show last weekend… So much to draw – kept me scribbling till midnight two nights in a row! These are ‘live’ drawings – nobody is willing to stand still just for my convenience :) There’s a lot of furtive drawing from the corner of the room and desparate watercoloring while people […]

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Marilyn Monroe, Ray Charles and A Fashionista


Thought I’d already shared this one.

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“Emotions are alien to me. I’m a scientist.”

a quick study of Mr. Spock. (about an hour, give or take) I`m real F`ing rusty at this, since I`m not doing this as often as I should be. lazy ass. >:\ cheerio good people. Pat.

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At The Petaluma Marina

The weather conditions for the day were really tricky to work with. The uncertainty in the beginning of the day, and then the sudden complete change of conditions made it a tough day to work… It forced me to be a bit more experimental. I’ll let you decide if it was succesful or not. I […]

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Hey Hey


Hey Gorillas! It’s been ages since I posted.. thought I should let you know I’m still alive. Great to see all the awesome work getting posted every day. Thanks for the inspiration! Here’s a few things I’ve managed to finish lately…   This is a character/style experiment from a personal project… And another character sketch […]

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