Monthly Archives: August 2009

It’s still Sunday somewhere

Dirty Sunday 01 iolarnula

Aww, you guys are frakkin’ dirty. Awesome.  Here’s my saccharine offering!

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Moar dirtiness on Dirty Sunday!


Dirty Sunday has been such a huge success!! You guys are rising the bar too high for me… Here’s a bit of an ink doodle I made for the occasion! :D

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dirty sunday WOOOOH Clo and me did a collab some times ago, and it fit perfectelly well this dirty sunday. There is tooons of anatomical problems and weird stuff in this drawing, but eeh, it was fun as hell to draw :)

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Something new, something old and something dirty


Going through my “studies” folder I realized every day is Dirty Sunday for me :P So here’s a couple of old studies, a new illustration I did for a magazine and something just for the occasion.

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dirty sunday….


I dunno if this really counts as dirty, but it’s naked! … some recent life drawing :)

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