Monthly Archives: August 2009



A dirty zombiethingy girl before bedtime:)

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Dildo ride


Heyyy here’s a quick one for dirty Sunday! :D Pencil+Brushpen+Photoshop. I hope you like it!

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clean sunday sketch


I’ve been trying to learn how to use Illustrator at work, this is the first thing I’ve done in it out of the office… Thanks to Vic for the process files! I just noticed that it really looks like she’s playing air guitar…

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Hiya Horndogs!


Studies in OpenCanvas done of various models from Domai, Femjoy and Met-Art. Figure if I’m ever gonna post these anywhere it might as well be a day like today!

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Dirty Sunday!


Hello all again! Here is yet another Dirty Sunday post. This time around I took it into another direction… Have a great Dirty Sunday!

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