Monthly Archives: February 2009

Funeralopolis stuff and other


I come bearing gifts, wellll not really I got some new things to show though. Hope everyone is doing good. Two locations Crab Palace and High Ways. The other two “sketches” are for another book for another class they are clearly not done. Cheers in any case.

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Yetis attack !!


Hello Gorillas of the jungle ! This is a present for Chelsea, she sews fun plushies and she will make one for me! <3 Take a look at her stuff here >>> LOVEANDASANDWICH Hope you like it, and that she likes it too!

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A little portrait for Valentine’s Day <3 oils, 10×13

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And yet, Winter continues.


Snowed a few more times this week. February is a month that always tricks me with the promise of warm days and the backstab of a sudden snow storm. Bleh. Not completely happy with this painting; the composition is a little disjointed but I had fun with color. I also took a crop and had […]

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Culture Jam

On thursday Oh Really gallery hosted their 6th Culture Jam and I was privelaged to be their guest artist. Hermitude and Rumpunch played live on the night, and the crowd was the largest we had seen (around 100 in the small venue). Was the most fun I have had in a long time! Sorry for […]

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