Monthly Archives: February 2009


Hey guys. Whilst fleshin out my entry for the Battle of the Sexes TDome, I started playing with the idea of trying to create a creature that would be the opposite of a phoenix, or at least what a phoenix represents (hope, light, fire, rebirth). Hopefully there will be more finished stuff in my future […]

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ArtDeco Cuddle


Me and my cat, of course. I swear I get out. haha ;)

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Two nudes

Here’s a new piece for a group show at Artists House next month, trying some cool and muted colors… “Pale Stockings”, 13.5×17, oil on board and one more, for no reason at all: “Hush”, 12×16, oil on board

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Digital paint dump


Hello wonderful people of the internet! Here’s some of my digital doodles. Will try to finish some of them, got others that I will show later as they are done. Cheers all! Bjorn. (As always, click to enlarge)

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Vroom-Vroooooommm…! and Shtuff.


hello there! :) couple of quick Bots , work stuff (you can see how my initial fairy sketch looks like before my boss gave her “input” for it..), and a new Illu from yours truly. cheers kind Gents and Ladies. P.

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