Monthly Archives: July 2008

allo just a quick sketch


hello peoples :) just a quick sketch a roo

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More “cooking my ass off in some stuffy place” drawings.


New one at the top, I actually ditched the brush pen because as you can see in the second one I failed miserably.Moleskine, ink and watercolor. Fun times cooking my ass off. Cheers.  

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“Ready? FIGHT!…”


  Just a silly pixel  GIF I did for Sinix`s nice activity of sprite animation, (you`re supposed to take an old character of yours and animate a Fight stance loop out of it, or something like that…) and a couple more girls. peace. Pat.

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Something i wanted to share #2…


Hello again, Here’s some random doodles I’ve done recently. I should get around to scan stuff as well. (As always, Click to enlarge)

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Oakland Tribune Profile Story


Sorry for the nearly shameless self-promotion, but I wanted to share an article about me that came out today in the Oakland Tribune. I say “nearly” because during the interview I tried to talk about N.C. Wyeth, the Totoro Forest Project, and other far worthier artists they should cover…. but ah well. :) I don’t […]

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