Monthly Archives: May 2008

women be shoppin’

or they ought to be, because they’re almost all severely under dressed O_O yeah, more ladies, been playing about with mutli-figure comps. More to follow, I’m sure :) and also some life drawing from the other night at Dr. Sketchy’s, while we’re in a girl sketchin’ mood:

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451. simplified. Guy Montag.  I had designed the suit, then designed the man, then did the turnaround of the man and put the suit on top (so it actually fits)

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more daily poses and mudbox test


Hello again, here’s some more boring stuff. I have to admit I laughed out loud while i was painting the Mudbox face. As always, click to enlarge the pictures

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Learning enviros!

I decided 4 days ago that I’d do some intensive training in environmental drawing, 3-4 everyday for 2 weeks… I’ve only done like 2-3 before this months ago so its about damn time. if anybody can point me int he right direction of some tuts and tricks It’d be pretty helpful :) second to last […]

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3hr Quetzal…

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